Welcome to Pemba: Mkoani


Mkoani is Pemba’s third town and is the port of entry for most of the ferry boats from Z’bar and Dar es Salaam. The town is set on a hill overlooking a wide bay and comprises a strange mix of palm thatch huts and run down towards the seaside, where fishermen land their daily catch into ox carts for the short trip to the market uphill.

The main road runs directly from the port up the hill and trough the small town and for most of this distance it is surprisingly a dual carriageway, complete with tall street lights on the central reservation.  This, along with the mint flowers is the evidence of the east German influence in the 1970s  leaving the town  and the road winds up acne a long the ridge of hills that form the back bone of the southern Pemba.

About 2.5 km past the turning to Kengeja, a small turning on the left hand side, is a very steep chamber of the road heads towards Wambaa and the old town of Jambangome. The turning to Jambangome is practically impassable by a regular two wheel driven car and the track to Wambaa is more like a path than a road and it run very close to the western coast.

Last Updated: Saturday, 18 February, 2012
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